New Regulations for labelling – wine & aromatised wine products

Ingredients and nutrition statement

Starting 8th of December, new EU-legislation requires producer to list ingredients and nutritient values on the product label, or with digitally support of QR-code thecnology. 

Foodchain E-label: your compliance solution. Our tool is design to fulfill the requirements and simplify the process, to keep you on the right side of the law.

Foodchain by Blockchain

Foodchain’s E-label service generates a QR-code that is placed on to the product label. It is connected to a unique product website where consumers can read nutrition value and ingredients list.

The QR-code can be printed with only a GS1 GTIN, and the additional information can be added later. Every QR-code is unique per article and can be updated if the information needs to be corrected.

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     50 EUR/year

      1-10 articles




     300 EUR/year

      11-50 articles




     1000 EUR/year

      51- 100 articles



     3000 EUR/year

      101- unlimited


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