Market research: Great need among agricultural companies to ease administration

Nov 14, 2022

During the previous week a market research among agricultural companies has been carried out by FCB to get a greater understanding about the needs regarding the administrative workload. The companies are spread all over Sweden and has varying productions such as beef production, potato and vegetable growing. Some of the biggest suppliers of their area in Sweden have participated in the study.

The result of the study showed similar data to FCBs previous research- there is a great need amongst agricultural companies and farmers to ease the burden of administration. Many farmers put in a lot of hours, in some cases as much as 15 hours, every week on administration. To prepare for a certification check often means that the company needs up to a week of work to collect all paperwork. The participants of the study experience a great need to ease this and make it simpler. It also emerged that many of the companies feels like the different control units checks the same things. Many of the participants also desired a system that can keep all of the documentation in the same place, to get rid of the pen and paper which is the most used method today.

The results of this study gave FCB another confirmation that the system that we are developing is of great relevans and use for the agricultural companies that we see as users of the system. The goal for FCB is to help Swedish farmers and entrepreneurs to become more effective and profitable and also reduce the administrative burden while creating traceability!