Two out of three Italian foods sold abroad are counterfeit

Jan 27, 2022

One of FCB’s major advantages is that the system counteracts food fraud. Customers and producer being deceived is a constant problem. Recently, there were reports that almost 70 percent of all food exports from Italy are counterfeit. This is shown by the results of the consumer organization Coldiretti’s survey of the Italian food market. In Italy alone, food fraud is estimated at more than 100 billion euros. Fish and meat that are exchanged for cheaper varieties, conventional products that are sold as organic and rapeseed oil being flavored and then sold as olive oil are among the biggest cheats going on in the food industry.

Counterfeiting of origin is one of the biggest cheats going on in the industry today, and France, among others, wants to put an end to this. They have now presented a bill that requires beer producers to label their products with the brewery’s name and address.

About 60% of consumers today opt out of one or more companies due to lack of durability and traceability of products, which means that food companies today should strive to become even more transparent in their work.

That both authorities and consumers demand better traceability and origin labeling on food products is something we at Foodchain have stated for a long time. With our system, you can ensure both that the manufacturing process has taken place in the right way and that traceability and origin are correct.